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Architectural points of major interest

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The CHURCH OF SAN GIOVANNI A MAZZOCCA: the church, situated at about five kilometres from Foiano in contrada San Giovanni a Mazzocca, or Chapel, so called by Foiano’s inhabitants, was built at the beginning of the eighteenth century upon the antique ruins of the old and powerful Benedictine monstery called “Santa Maria de Gualdo Mazzoca”

Today the building after many restorations and renovations denotes modern forms of architecture. The façade conserves an old portal in neoclassic style with two reused columns.

Inside we can find fine sacred furniture; a commemorative plaque that reports the visit of the Cardinal Vincezno Maria Orsini on the 22nd of July 1716 when he consecrated the Chapel in name of Giovanni Eremita and the Virgin Mary.

The churche therefore represents an important reference point in the area for the veneration of the Saint.

In 2014 the church dedicated to San Giovanni became a diocesan sanctuary.

MADONNA DEL ROSARIO CHURCH: It’s Foaino’s main place of worship and in it you can see diverse artistic works in its three naves (altars, statues, sacred furniture, paintings)

It has a monumental façade characterized by stone portals, pilasters and ornamental motifs in plaster. These all outline a multiple sieve and neoclassical volutes.

The historical centre: the portals and the bell tower: amidst the ruins of the old houses you can admire simple stone portals of the eighteenth century. There is also the high bell tower made of stones and bricks. The belfry has archivolted windows and a superior loggetta. The tower was probably built at the beginning of the eighteenth century.