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Traditional festivals between religiousness and traditions

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The most important religious anniversaries are San Giovanni Eremita (24th of June) and S.S. Rosario ( the first Sunday in October). They both represent the tight bond between the Fortore population and the Abbey.

On the morning of the 24th of June there is a procession in which the half-bust statue of “S. Giovanni Eremita da Tufara” is taken up to Mazzocca from Foiano. Once the procession arrives there is an open-air mass and then the statue is put in church where it remain all summer.

It returns to Foiano when there is the Festival of S.S. Rosario.

The procession is very characteristic and there is also a muscial band. In the afternoon  men ride horses along the streets of the village and the end they receive “lune” (a kind of dried dough mixture that have the form of a disc with a central hole) from the priest.


The 22nd of July 1716 is a date that is remembered every year. On this day the Church situated on San Giovanni was consecrated. On that same day the Cardinal Orsini granted a perpetual indulgence to whom would of visited the church on that date. This is the reason of the the tradition “la Perdonanza” (the forgiving) during which many believers flocked to the Church in order to gain the indulgence. It aslo coincides with “Maddalena’s” day who is the saint that represents forgiveness.

This is why a mass is celebrated in front of the church and has continued for the last 3 centuries.