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An eminent person from Foiano

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Father Antonio Casamassa was an Augustinian academic born in Foiano on the 29th of June 1886. He’s a man of the past that have well represented our village and the entire Fortore area. He died on the 6th of March 1955, in the Santa Monica collegem, near the Vatican. He spent nearly all his life here studying for his religious order and university. He entered the Augustinian order at the age of sixteen.

The number of his interests, works and activities are endless. He had a degrre in ecclesiastical law, he was a priest and a member of important religious accademies and committees, a researcher on Patristics and author of many academic publications. He was an expert in many ancient languages like Latin, Greek, Aramaic, but also modern languages (he spoke French, English, Spanish and German).

Regardless of his expertise, Father Antonio was a simple and a humble person that avoided every form of protagonism.

During summer Father Antonio Casamassa continued going to Foiano and he would stay at Mazzocca in the rooms next to che Chapel.

He is responsible for the  most complete reconstruction of all the information regarding the history and construction of the Abbey.