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The entire area that surrounds Foiano di Val Fortore takes its name from the river with the same name (Fortore river) which is also a natural border between the Campania, Molise and Puglia regions. In 878 a first group of people are believed to have started inhabiting an elevated place, east of the actual Foiano, called “Ripa” after escaping from the threats of a gang of Saracens. The place looked out on San Bartolomeo in Galdo and Roseto.

Today Foiano di Val Fortore has about 1500 inhabitants; the village was completely reconstructed following the 1962 and 1980 earthquakes. What remains of its history are the churches “Madonna della Libera” and “S.S. Rosario” and the bell tower of the old church “S.Pietro”. All these structures have been rebuilt several times.

There aren’t many accommodation facilities but the existing ones are without doubt comfortable and functional. Here is a short list together with contacts.

1 B&B De Masi Bed & Breakfast 328 6864979
2 B&B D'Onofrio Bed & Breakfast 328 6864979
3 Agriturismo Le Poiane Agriturismo Le Poiane 345 175 5139
4 Casa Faioli B&B Bed & Breakfast 349 4990030
5 La Torre Bed & Breakfast 328 2873043
6 Ristorante San Giovanni Ristorante San Giovanni 0824 966388
7 B&B Bike House B&B Bike House +39 328 5889717